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I am Starting This tutorial With a simple question,which usually arise in my mind.and trust me,you must be having a wrong thinking about it.question is -Who is a Hacker? To get the ans to this Question.You need to know ,who is not a Hacker.So Hacker is not

1. A Criminal
2. The person who Releases Viruses
3. A Teenager sitting in a Dark Room eating pizzas and hacking into the fbi website.
4. Not always a Computer Related Person.means can also belongs to some other field too.
5. not even somebody,who can crack password to all the websites or softwares.
6. Not also,who stole the money from bank by hacking into bank Server.

By Knowing these things,u might be shocked,that if the person i have discussed above is not a hacker.then you might be thinking wrong about the term hacking or hacker.But this is not your fault.This False Misconceptions Has been Created by Media and Newspapers.So Now U all get to Knows Who Is not a Hacker.Now its Very easy for you to understand,Who Is a Hacker? 

Hacker Is who

1. The Person ,who thinks outside the box
2. who wants to Test His/Her Limits.
3. Who wants to try such things which are not given in manual.
4. Has Unlimites Curosity to work.
5. Who Discovers Unknown Features and Properties.
6. Someone who is dedicated to his knowledge
7. Highly Creative.
8. who Bellieves in Stretching the Limits.i.e who wants to test his/her limits,that upto what extent,He/she can go

After Reading This above discussed points on who is a Hacker.We can say That.All the Scientists,Discoverers,Mathematicians Can Fall under the Category of Hacking Or Hacker.Like Albert Einstein,Issac Newton.
One more Example i want to substitute Here,which will make you clear upto more extent,that Suppose The man,who rides the bike very fast,and he is very expert in driving and stunting,and making new stunts.Or A women who used to practise making of new Dishes in cooking.Then we can also say that,This man and woman is also a Hacker.
Now U must be having a Idea about who is a Hacker and who is not.Now i am Going to Discuss about the computer Hacker.Computer Hacker is one who Discovers new features ,discover bugs in software and help the company to Defend To being hacked.

Modern Day Hacker | How to Become a Hacker

If You want to Become a Hacker,You need to Follow these four points,which i am Providing Below.:-
1.You should be knowing Atleast one programming Language very Nicely.If i am Telling about programing language,then i must be talking about high level languages like C,C++,Etc
2.U should be Networking Guru.i.e You should knows the basics of networking,Means How the internet works,how the communcation sets up between two hosts,how the network is working. should know about the basics of unix or linux,as Unix is a heaven for hackers.u can go with linux,because unix only runs in server.and linux is GUI version of unix.
4.Last,But Not the Least Hacking Attitude-Criminal Mind.This is the One of the Major aspect to become a Hacker.that You should Think like a criminal.i.e like you should think how to crack into fb server while accessing your Fb account.
Now You must be knowing about the definitions, i think,all your misconceptions has been vanished now.If any Query,you can ask me in comments:-)

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