Sunday, August 26, 2012

Protect your Computer from Viruses and Hackers

How do you protect your computer? 

Check this out [Works for Windows XP, Vista]

This trick will help against Hackers & Viruses(Mostly for Viruses it is Helpful)

Caution: You must be Admin or must have Admin privileges

Step 1:

Go To “Folder Option” in “Control Panel” –>”View Tab”
Uncheck “Use Simple File Sharing” –> Apply & OK.

Step 2:

Right Click on C: Drive(If Operating System is installed in C: drive) –> Properties.
You will see a new tab as “Security”, click on it .
Select User’s at “Group or user names” (you will see all permissions of users on C:Drive) –>Edit It As per your requirement(Suggestion: Uncheck Write Permission For All Users except Admin) & Apply it.
Restart It!!

Mission Over 

[Suggestion: Use this trick during fresh installation & Just Use Any Other user who has no Admin privileges]

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