Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Learn Hacking in 5 easy steps

Learn Hacking in 5 easy steps

First of all I wanna tell you that hacking is a art. I am teaching you this art so that you can make yourself more secure. I don't want you to use my techniques to harm others because hackers never harm others, crackers do. And we are Hackers not cracker.

There are 5 easy steps to learn Hacking :-

1. Take all safety Measures to hide yourself from target.

There are lots of techniques to hide yourself from target computer. I recommend you to use as much techniques as you can.
I am mentioning few important tricks below :-
  • Use Hide Ip Software :- This software will help you to hide your IP address.
  • Use Firewall :- Firewall secure your computer as well as restrict any personal information from going outside.
  • Use Proxy servers :- Whenever you want to surf the computer of your target use proxy servers.
  • Use others username and password :- Try to avoid using your own user name and password for internet connection. Learn the technique to get other's user name and password.
2. Find out the IP Address of Target Computer.
  • what is Ip address :- It's full form is Internet Protocol Address. Protocol means the way computer talks to each other and Internet protocol means , way in which two computer talks to each on internet. So the complete meaning of Ip address is address of a computer who wants to talk to other computers on internet.
    • There are two important things about ip address :-
      • it is unique for every computer.
      • it is needed every time we connect to internet.
  • Use of IP address in Hacking :- Ip address is one of the most important part of hacking. To learn its importance in hacking first of all we need to know what is hacking. All i can say here is that if we don't know the ip address of target computer we can't able to move single step forward in getting access to target computer.
  • Ways to find out IP address :-

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